Barrel Insulation Jacket

Barrel Insulation Jackets (plastics industry)

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The prestigious BRIDELA™ barrel insulation jackets offer excellent insulation benefits for the barrels of injection machines, blow moulders, extruders, extruder heads and lip dies, etc.

This specialist Barrel Insulation Jacket can offer superb savings of up to 40% on barrel heating and is manufactured with the support of over 25 years of experience, so quality is guaranteed.

Barrel Insulation Jacket Benefits

  • Savings of between 25-40% on energy bills
  • Personnel protection from heat fatigue and possible skin burns
  • Easy fitting and removal for maintenance
  • Quicker start-up time
  • Extended heater band life
  • Rapid pay-back/savings time
  • Safe to touch
  • Jackets reduce Peaks and total metered heat energy load
  • Made from heat-resistant materials
  • Jackets resist steady temperatures of around 350ºC/662ºF with temporary peaks of approximately 450ºC/842ºF (higher resistant jackets available upon request)
  • Cut-outs for junction boxes and thermocouples
  • Competitively priced - Please contact us for a quote
  • IC International is a British manufacturing company who are certified (and independently audited) to the globally recognised international quality management standard ISO 9001

advantage of
up to 40%
Energy Savings