High Temperature Fabrics

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fire resistant fabrics & Glass fibre fabrics High Temperature Fabrics

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A specialist range of high temperature fabrics/ fire resistant fabrics

Glass Industrial Fire Resistant Fabrics (uncoated) -
1 & 2

Having a temperature resistance of up to 550ºC/1022ºF

Glass Fibre Fabrics (coated) - 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Glass Fibre Fabrics have a high temperature resistance combined with special coatings to provide protection against water, vapours, acids, abrasions, etc., including neoprene (3), aluminised foil (4), silicone (5, 6 & 7) and PTFE (8)

Glass Fibre Fabrics (specially treated/higher temperature resistance) - 10 & 11

Special treatments give this industrial glass fibre fabrics higher temperature resistance from 600ºC/1112ºF up to 1000ºC/1832ºF. Our glass fibre fabrics are suitable for welding operations (11) and fire cavity barriers

Silica Fire Resistant Fabrics - 13

A range of silica fabrics offering high temperature resistance up to 1000ºC/1832ºF with a high flexibility/drapeability. Suitable for welding blankets

One and two hour rated fire resistant fabrics

Also available are specialist high temperature fabrics that have either a 1 hour or 2 hour integrity rating (indicative tests passed to BS 476 parts 20 and 22). These fabrics can be utilised for fire curtains, smoke curtains, fire cavity barriers, etc. You may also be interested in our fire curtains and smoke curtains.

  • If you have an individual requirement for a high temperature fabric, a fire resistant fabric or Glass fibre fabric which you do not see amongst this selection, please provide details and we will be more than willing to try and match your specification
  • All high temperature fabrics, fire resistant fabrics and Glass Fibre Fabrics can be provided direct on a roll, in various roll widths and lengths
  • Alternatively, any of our high temperature fabrics, fire resistant fabrics and Glass fibre fabrics can be taken and stitched into specific sizes/shapes to produce finished products such as:
  • Welding blankets and welding curtains
  • Fire curtains and fire blankets
  • Tarpaulins and salvage sheets
  • Insulation jackets and thermal covers
  • Smoke curtains and draft curtains
  • Bags, sacks and cases