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Fire Safety Products

Special effects production for films, television, live concerts and theatre settings is a complicated process. It requires great planning and meticulous preparation. Special effects production can include flames, fire, pyrotechnics, fireworks, lighting, heat, smoke or vapour effects. With all of these, the control of the environment and the safety of the team on set should be paramount.

There are a variety of products which we can provide for use in special effects production and fire safety. These include high temperature resistant fabrics, fire and smoke curtains, fire blankets, insulation/thermal products, etc. We also provide an industrial trade sewing service where we can manufacture bespoke, tailor-made products. These are specially manufactured for production set requirements when special effects are in use.

We are able to provide technical advice for film, television, concert and theatre industries. This is especially when considering fire related issues on set. We have years of experience in the industry, working alongside special effects personnel, to assist in whichever way possible. Whether a high temperature fabric/textile or a bespoke, tailor-made item required for a particular scenario, we will have the solution for you. We have assisted and supplied to various U.K. and European film studios, television companies, London and European theatre productions. We have also advised and supplied large scale live concert tours as well as a number of large firework/pyrotechnic events.

In pyrotechnic work, flammable materials are frequently used. These can create the impression of a dramatic event and creative special effects. The use of any dangerous material requires meticulous planning. This is so you can correctly risk assess and implement control measures. By doing this, you are able to reduce the risk of injury or set damage. We are happy to discuss your own personal special effects production with you. We have personnel ready to offer you the very best of technical advice and assistance.

Please contact us if you would like more information about special effects fire safety.

Insulation Covers and Thermal Covers
Large insulated jacket
Small insulated pads with quilting pins
Insulation mats
  • We can cut and stitch high temperature fabrics into specific sized products. These can be tailor-made to your own bespoke special effects requirements and designs. We are U.K. manufacturers so we can make almost any size product you may require.
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