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In the event of a fire, fire and smoke curtains may contain the affected area. Fire curtains and smoke curtains work to prevent the spread of flames, smoke and heat and can provide compartmentation between different areas. The use of fire curtains means that initial small fires are prevented from escalating into disasters. This safeguards people and property. Smoke curtains and fire curtains are suitable for a variety of applications. This includes above false/suspended ceilings, factories, open plan lofts, offices, shopping centres, stadiums, hangars, etc.

IC International are dedicated to providing the highest quality smoke curtains and fire cavity barriers. BRIDELA™ curtains provide a cost-effective alternative to fire doors, fire shutters, etc.

Our fire curtains and smoke curtains are produced from specially designed fabrics. (BS 476 part 20 with a 2 hour integrity rating awarded).

  • Curtain fabrics are available in standard roll form. If this is the most suitable for your own particular end use
  • Alternatively, our curtain fabrics can be cut and stitched into specific sizes. If you advise our sales department the particular size(s) you require, we can then advise individual prices accordingly. We are U.K. manufacturers so we can make almost any size you may require.
  • Brass metal eyelets (grommets), in-built sleeves, etc can be provided along the edge(s) of these products. These facilitate easy suspension/securement
  • All these smoke and fire curtains are completely non-asbestos (asbestos free)
  • Our fire curtain and smoke curtain fabrics are independently tested and certified. This is done by the prestigious and world renowned test laboratory Warrington Fire Research Centre, United Kingdom, to strict British Standard specifications.

IC International is a British manufacturing company. We are certified (and independently audited) to the globally recognised international quality management standard ISO 9001.