PTFE Coated Glass Fibre Fabric

PTFE Coated Glass
Fibre Fabric

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PTFE coated glass fibre fabric is constructed from a glass fibre fabric base with a grey PTFE coating. The base glass fibre fabric is extremely durable, non-flammable and operates well at high temperatures. The PTFE coating provides excellent resistance to inadvertent chemical splashes and is easy to clean (wipe down). It is also very capable of resisting contamination by aqueous and oily fluids.

PTFE coated fabrics are often used in ‘clean areas’ (food processing, packaging and handling areas) where a higher temperature resistance may be required but where there can be no loose glass fibres. Therefore, the PTFE coating acts as a ‘sealant’ to stop the glass fibres becoming airborne. In addition, the PTFE coating means that the fabric can be easily wiped down and kept clean.

Temperature Rating:
Finished Coated Fabric: From -60oC to +230oC
Base Glass Fibre Fabric: Up to +550oC

  • PTFE coated glass fibre fabrics are available in standard roll form, if this is the most suitable for your own particular end use
  • Alternatively, our PTFE coated glass fibre fabrics can be cut and stitched into specific sized products (that can be tailor-made to customers’ own bespoke individual requirements and designs).
  • We are U.K. manufacturers so we can make almost any size you may require.
  • All these PTFE coated glass fibre fabrics are completely non-asbestos (asbestos free)
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