Neoprene Welding Curtains & Welding Blankets

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Neoprene coated glass fibre fabric welding curtains can be used to isolate an area. This can offer protection to workers from welding sparks and light welding spatter. Neoprene glass fibre fabric welding blankets can protect workers and have the added benefit of shielding flammable materials and machinery.

Neoprene Welding Curtains & Blankets properties:

IC Product References:
DHO/651 - medium weight and DHO/011 - heavy weight

  • Protection from welding sparks and light to medium spatter
  • Good resistance to oils, greases and vapours
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Medium weight neoprene material (DHO/651) passed indicative test to BS 476 part 20 (1 hour integrity rating)
  • Can be used as a vertical or horizontal welding barrier
  • Also suitable as a fire cavity barrier
  • Non-combustible

Types of Welding Curtains and Welding Blankets:

Reinforced P.V.C. Welding Curtains
Neoprene Welding Curtains & Blankets
Weldstop Z1687/409 (Molten Metal) Welding Blankets
Silica (1000°C) Welding Blankets

AIR SPACE - We recommend that a sufficient air space is provided between the welding fabric and the surface you are protecting, both in horizontal and vertical positions.

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