Reinforced P.V.C.
Welding Curtains

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Reinforced P.V.C. welding curtains can be used to isolate an area. Each product improves health and safety and can maximise a safe space in a warehouse environment, all whilst promoting a risk-free welding environment.

Our welding curtains can offer protection to workers from grinding sparks and light welding spatter. When welding curtains are correctly positioned they can also assist in the protection of personnel working nearby or walking by from arc-eye or weld-flash.

For use in well ventilated areas.

Reinforced P.V.C. Welding Curtain properties:

IC Product Reference: OB2/XT

  • Material certified to BS EN 1598 (Health and Safety in Welding and Allied Processes)
  • Protection from grinding sparks and flying particles
  • UV absorbency assists in the prevention of arc-eye / weld-flash
  • Translucency offers two-way vision for safety and supervision
  • Nylon reinforcement offers excellent tear resistance
  • Most beneficial as a vertical barrier
  • Available in two colours - green or red

Types of Welding Curtains and Welding Blankets:

Reinforced P.V.C. Welding Curtains
Neoprene Welding Curtains & Blankets
Weldstop Z1687/409 (Molten Metal) Welding Blankets
Silica (1000°C) Welding Blankets

AIR SPACE - We recommend that a sufficient air space is provided between the welding fabric and the surface you are protecting, both in horizontal and vertical positions.

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