Weldstop Z1687/409 Welding Blankets (Molten Metal Globules at 1000°C)

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Z1687/409 Welding Blankets can protect workers and have the added benefit of shielding flammable materials and machinery.

Z1687/409 Welding Blankets properties:

IC Product Reference: Z1687/409

  • Protection from heavy duty molten metal globules and spatter up to 1000ºC / 1832ºF
  • Radiant heat up to 600ºC / 1112ºF
  • Ideal for cutting operations and 'hot works'
  • Superior tensile strength and abrasion resistance
  • Material certified to BS 476 part 4 / Class ‘0’ Building Regulation Conformity and passed indicative test to BS 476 part 20 (1 hour integrity rating)
  • Most beneficial as a horizontal welding barrier
  • Also suitable as a fire cavity barrier
  • Non-combustible

Types of Welding Curtains and Welding Blankets:

Reinforced P.V.C. Welding Curtains
Neoprene Welding Curtains & Blankets
Weldstop Z1687/409 (Molten Metal) Welding Blankets
Silica (1000°C) Welding Blankets

AIR SPACE - We recommend that a sufficient air space is provided between the welding fabric and the surface you are protecting, both in horizontal and vertical positions.

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