silica fabric

Silica Fabrics – Can they stand the heat?

Made from the highest quality Silica Fabrics, IC International’s temperature resistant materials certainly can and they won’t burn your pocket either…

Silica fabric is specifically developed to give a drapeable and flexible product that will offer excellent high-temperature protection.

IC International has an excellent range of silica fabrics offering high-temperature resistance up to 1000°C (1832°F). Our high-temperature fabrics offer superb resistance to molten metal spatters, welding slag, welding sparks, etc. for hot work protection. Ideal for cutting operations and heavy-duty welding protection.

Due to the manufacturing process, IC International silica fabrics provide improved abrasion resistance (as they have a special proprietary abrasion-resistant finish). Silica fabrics offer very good flame resistance, low heat capacity and low thermal conductivity.

IC International silica fabrics have a high percentage of silicon dioxide content to provide optimum performance and offer superior protection in critical high-temperature safety environments. These can be used for welding blankets, fire blankets, fire curtains, stress-relieving blankets, flexible connectors, furnace curtains, gasket materials in valves controlling the flow of molten alloys, etc.

Silica fabrics are available in standard roll form if this is the most suitable for your own particular end-use.

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