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Fire Blankets Product Photographs

Here you find product photographs of our fire blankets, manufactured to either BS EN 1869 or BS 476 part 4 and 7. With over 2 million of our fire blankets already manufactured and installed across the world, you can be sure you are choosing a reliable product.

Our own brand of Bridela™ blankets have been independently tested and accordingly certified. With a variety of standard sizes available in a choice of containers, you are certain to find the ideal product for you. Over 25 years of experience goes into all of the products we manufacture, so you know that, if the worst should happen, your blanket will perform. These blankets are also suitable for wrapping around someone whose clothes have caught fire. By smothering the fire and starving it of oxygen, the fire can be extinguished effectively.

Whether you mount your fire blanket to a wall or not, the blanket can be quickly and easily removed from the container, which is extremely important if a fire should occur. Made from woven glass fibre fabric and totally asbestos free, these fire blankets are ideal for a range of applications including commercial kitchens, student accommodation, schools, hotels and much much more.