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Special Effects Product Photographs

Whether it is for television, film, or on stage work, the use of special effects can be a dangerous business. Special effects includes everything from smoke and vapour effects, to pyrotechnics and fireworks. In addition to careful planning and preparation, there is a range of safety equipment that should be on hand in these situations. Failure to provide the relevant safety equipment could put you and your workers, and anyone nearby, such as audiences, at serious risk.

We specialise in safety equipment such as fire blankets, high temperature fabrics, fire and smoke curtains and much more! All of this equipment may be just what you need for your special effects application. We can provide a range of these products, as well as technical advice, helping ensure maximum safety levels.

We are tested and independently audited to the globally recognised international quality management standard ISO 9001. This means that you can have total confidence in all of the products that we supply.

In addition to this, our years of experience means we can provide knowledgeable and informative advice. We will work closely with the relevant personnel to ensure that the desired special effects are achieved, in the safest way possible. We can even make bespoke products that will meet your exact requirements.

For more information about our special effects fire safety products, please click here. Above you can browse through product photographs of just some of the equipment we can offer you. All of these products are of extremely high quality, so you will not be disappointed.