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Welding Blankets and Curtains Product Photographs

Here you find product photographs of our welding blankets and curtains. Welding curtains are essential in any welding operation, helping you avoid serious hazards. These curtains work by preventing welding spatter from igniting materials and machinery around the welding operation. Without welding curtains, sparks can smoulder, which is a serious fire hazard.

As shown in the photographs, brass metal eyelets can be fitted into the welding curtains. This allows for the curtains to be easily suspended where required. If required, a sleeve can be built into the curtain, which allows for metal suspension bars to be threaded through the curtain. This is ideal for isolating the welding area.

These welding blankets and curtains can be manufactured into specific sizes, or supplied in roll form. This means that if you have a particularly large or oddly shaped area, you will be supplied with the best possible solution. For added safety, the materials used are completely non-asbestos (asbestos free) so are perfectly safe to handle.

Even after the welding or cutting operation is finished, sparks and residual molten globules can still pose a fire risk. Welding curtains provide an extra layer of protection, even after the job is done. For more information on our welding blankets and curtains, please visit our page here.