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Fire Extinguisher and Hose Reel Covers Product Photographs

Here at IC International we offer a wide range of fire extinguisher and hose reel covers. Our high quality range of BRIDELA™ fluorescent orange P.V.C./nylon covers are an affordable way to protect your fire safety equipment. This helps keep the equipment in perfect condition, meaning that it should not become damaged. This means that you can rely on your fire safety equipment when you need it most.

In busy public areas such as schools and shopping centres, these covers are also a deterrent from vandalism, as they make the equipment much harder to tamper with. The bright colour of the covers helps the equipment be easily located in extreme conditions, and a UV stabilizing agent helps make sure that colour fading is reduced. Choosing the correct fire extinguisher for the job is essential. This is why our fire extinguisher covers come with a clear panel, so that the correct extinguisher can be identified, without the cover needing to be removed. The covers can be removed quickly and easily as they are simply fastened with velcro, meaning that no time is wasted, and you can act quickly when it is needed most.

These competitively priced covers do not compromise on quality. They are water repellent, wipe clean and can even have the customer’s own logo or brand printed on there if desired. The covers fasten at the back, so they are even suitable for wall mounted extinguishers!

Be sure to browse our gallery to see just some of the hose reel and extinguisher covers that we can offer. You will not be disappointed by their quality. For full specifications, please click here. You can also contact us, and we would be more than happy to talk through your exact requirements with you and make a professional recommendation. Visit the Contact Us page here.